“Optimus Prime” Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Apple CarPlay

Connect your smart phone to the Pioneer Console using the usb cable and connector located on the dashboard.

Auxiliary Power Panel

Located behind the middle passenger seats. Access is between the middle passenger seats and rear seat area.

Backup Camera

When in reverse, the backup camera will show on the left side of your rear view mirror.

Emergency Parking Brake

In-between driver seat and fridge. For easy access, face palm of hand toward fridge when grabbing lever.


CAUTION: Beware cabin air pressure, slightly crack front windows open to relieve pressure. Fan remote is located in upper cabinet next to the microwave.


In-between driver and front passenger seat.

Temperature adjustable (cool / frozen).

Plug and power button located on the lower back of fridge.


CAUTION: Pump “Diesel #2” Only.

Fuel tank is located on the driver’s side next to driver door.

Leveling Blocks

Located in left rear cabinet. Access through rear doors. Use and stack as needed.


There are 3 light switches.
1. Behind driver’s seat.
2. Lower part of bench near sliding door.
3. Next to rear doors.


Make sure Auxiliary Power is on in order to use microwave. (Turn auxiliary power off to conserve battery.)

Shore Power

The shore power cord is located in the rear left cabinet. Access through rear doors. The shore power panel is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle near the rear doors.